Gifts for Kids < $20

Kids will always be kids. Which means, they will always love gifts! Considering the oh-so-many occasions kids expect gifts from us adults (birthdays. school graduations. teeth falling. just being “good”. new year. Christmas. etc), you really need to start thinking of gifts that will not cost you much. Otherwise you will soon be done with it for good. Looking for a way to buy gifts for kids and still manage to save a few bucks? Here are some great gifts for kids under $20 that we promise you they will LOVE and absolutely ADORE. After that, get some ideas also for custom printed mugs or other personalized gifts.

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Couldn’t find something you like?
We have a few more ideas for you for gifts for kids under $20:

  1. Fun day – If you can’t find a physical gift you like or real gifts under $20. How about taking your kid out for a day of fun? You can visit an amusement park. a water park. go see a play or a movie, eat pizza on the beach, have a nice candy picnic or throw a funny costume party at home. You can even invite a few of his / her friends!
  2. Gifts for kids under $20 can also be about giving – what a wonderful way to educate you kid to give to the less fortunate on his day of fun. Many kids choose to donate their gifts or money they get on their special occasion to kids that are not as fortunate as them.
  3. Savings – Would you like to teach your kid a lesson in finance? Teach him/her to save the money and instead of buying another gift he/her doesn’t really need, encourage them to save that money for something he truly wants!

We hope you found some nice ideas for gifts for kids under $20. Good luck!